Business Essentials - It's Time to Go Mobile!


It's All About Mobile - Your Business On Your Customers' Phones

In the UK, 80% (and 90% of the 16-24 year age group) own a smartphone.   Smartphone usage has already overtaken laptops and people use them just about anywhere - including as soon as they wake up and just before they go to sleep.   And that means your business needs to go mobile.

Your company can offer something different, something that engages your clients & works for your business.  Mobile Apps can create extra income as part of your business marketing, or generate extra revenue through paid advertising.

Great Looking Apps that Catch the Eye

If an App doesn't look good, people quickly move on.  You need to engage your clients from the very first screen and then you need to give them good reasons to carry on looking.  We create eye-catching splash-screens and incorporate logos, colours and themes throughout your App to align with your identity.  An App should make everything as easy as possible for your clients to find out all about your event or business, and we ensure our Apps do just that.


How Can You Use a Mobile App for Your Business or Event?

Here are a few features your App can have and how you might use them to promote your event or business....